OBJECTIVE: Forum license and add-ons

OBJECTIVE: Forum license and add-ons

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Dear friends, our forum works on the license engine, which must be paid regularly, buy updates, plug-ins and other resources - necessary for the existence and improvement of the forum.
Why do we need a licensed engine and why can't we use a cracked (pirated) one?
This is a matter of principle! We will operate only on the licensed engine!
The license engine gives us access to the latest forum updates and additions of new functionality, besides, in case of technical problems we can count on professional and qualified help!
After all, for us, as for any of you, it is important that the forum functioned as well as possible and without bugs.
Well, now to the point - all of you have probably noticed that our forum has no advertising, no paid entrance, as well as no membership fees. We are not a commercial structure and do not set a goal to earn on users! All financial injections into our forum go exclusively to support its work and development.
This forum exists only for the personal money of our Buyelap administrator.
It is difficult for him alone to finance this forum, and if you have the opportunity to help - then we will be very grateful!
In this section we are collecting money to pay for the license and purchase license add-ons for our forum - this is quite a big expense.
If you have a desire to take part in financial assistance for these purposes, our gratitude will be unlimited!
Any amount is important to us!
And thank you, friends, for your help!




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    Any amount is important!
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